Long-lasting beauty and carefree maintenance have helped make laminate flooring the industry’s fastest growing product. Cost Less Carpet provides consumers all the benefits of this latest flooring technology, offering an extensive collection of visuals and textures that range from traditional hardwood to natural stone. Laminate flooring generally costs much less than hardwood and can be comparable to carpet in cost. It is considered a floating floor because you never nail or glue it down. A simple ¼” expansion is left on any 3 of 4 walls in a room.

Laminate flooring offers a wide selection of designs that offer the look and feel of beautiful hardwood, ceramic tile, and slate. It is actually a composite that’s designed to endure more-than-average wear and tear. A direct-pressure manufacturing process fuses four layers into one extremely hard surface.

The four layers are:

  • 1. Back Layer: the back is reinforced with melamine for structural stability and moisture resistance.
  • 2. Fiberboard Core: ultra dense core board provides impact resistance and stability. It also features an edge sealing treatment that provides even further structural stability.
  • 3. Decorative Layer: Providing the floor’s beauty, the decorative layer is actually a highly detailed photograph that gives the laminate the appearance of wood or tile.
  • 4. Wear Layer: The melamine wear layer is a tough, clear finish reinforced with aluminum oxide, one of the hardest mineral compounds known to man, to resist staining, fading, surface moisture, and wear. All of our laminates feature a rating of AC3 or higher.

Care and Maintenance

The three best methods for cleaning your laminate floor are:
1. Sweeping with a fine tipped broom
2. Dust mopping with a “SWIFFER” type implement
3. Vacuuming with a non-beater bar type vacuum

Things Not To Do

  • Never use abrasive cleaners, soap based detergents or acrylic cleaners.
  • Never try to sand or refinish your floor or flood the floor with water.
  • Installation Tips:

    • Before installing a laminate floor you will want to inspect the sub-floor. Granted, no floor is perfectly level, you will need to inspect for ridges or gaps that may cause problems. Additionally, the floor needs to be clear of debris.
    • After you have prepared your sub-floor, you will need to decide on the underlayment.
    • Cost Less Carpet carries two types of Laminate underlayment.
    • 2-1 Foam Pad – this is great for all floors. It is designed for light sound deadening and is also a moisture barrier.
    • Silencer – this is also great for all floors. It is designed for significant sound deadening and is also a moisture barrier. Currently this pad does not come with overlapping flaps and all seams will need to be taped for full moisture protection.
    • Follow instructions included in the box for further installation instructions.
    • All of Cost Less Carpet’s laminates have patented locking systems.